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Control Trainer v4.15 and Cheats

    Control Trainer (8 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Energy


    Unlimited Ability Points


    Easy Mods Upgrade


    Unlimited Materials
    Unlimited Element


    No Reload
    Super Accuracy – No Spread

    Hey there, gamer! Have you been playing the fantastic game called “Control” and been wishing for some extra abilities or enhancements? If so, you’re in luck! Enter the Control Trainer. In this article, we’re diving deep into this game-changer (pun intended) to help you up your gaming experience.

    Overview of Control: A Quick Dive

    Control is an action-adventure video game that has garnered a massive fanbase. The game places you in a mysterious building called the Federal Bureau of Control. As Jesse Faden, the game’s protagonist, you’re tasked with battling supernatural enemies and uncovering secrets. Sounds exciting, right? With intricate storylines, challenging foes, and an expansive universe, Control is truly a gamer’s delight. But let’s spice it up a notch, shall we?

    What is the Control Trainer?

    Imagine having a set of tools that can make Jesse more powerful, unlock hidden abilities, or even customize the gaming experience to your liking. That’s the Control Trainer for you! It’s not about cheating, but about enhancing and customizing your experience.

    Features of the Control Trainer

    1. Unlimited Health and Energy

    It can be frustrating to face a tough boss over and over again. With the trainer, you can enjoy unlimited health, making you virtually invincible. The same goes for energy, ensuring you never run out of the power to wield your abilities.

    2. Super Speed

    Want to zip through the Oldest House at lightning speed? Activate super speed and watch Jesse move like never before.

    3. Easy Kills

    If you’re in the mood for a laid-back gaming session without the intense battles, turn on easy kills. Your enemies won’t stand a chance!

    4. Customize Player Abilities

    Maybe you’re a fan of levitation or wish the evade move was a tad faster? Adjust abilities to your heart’s content.

    5. Game Customizations

    Beyond abilities, tweak game settings to suit your style. Whether it’s adjusting the game’s gravity or manipulating object physics, the sky’s the limit.

    How Can the Control Trainer Help You?

    The Control Trainer is like your secret weapon, ensuring you can:

    • Tackle tough sections of the game without frustration.
    • Experiment and play the game in new, unexpected ways.
    • Customize Jesse’s abilities for fun or challenges.
    • Breeze through sections for a relaxed gaming session.


    The Control Trainer offers a fresh and customizable approach to an already fantastic game. While Control is brilliant in its original form, the trainer ensures that each gamer can tailor their experience, making every playthrough unique.


    1. Does using the Control Trainer make the game too easy?

    It depends on how you use it. You can either opt for a more relaxed experience or use it to tweak specific aspects for a unique challenge.

    2. Will the game developers support the trainer?

    Trainers are third-party tools, and game developers typically don’t officially support them. Always ensure you’re using it responsibly and safely.

    3. Can I turn off the trainer features once activated?

    Absolutely! You have complete control (see what I did there?) over the features. Turn them on or off as you wish.

    Name: Control

    DL Link: Control_Trainer.exe

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    Control Trainer v4.15 and Cheats

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