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XCOM 2 Trainer v4.15

    XCOM 2 Trainer (36 Cheats)


    Set Supplies
    Set Intel
    Set Elerium
    Set Alloys
    Max Supplies
    Max Intel
    Max Elerium
    Max Alloys


    Set Health
    Set Mobility
    Set Aim
    Set Will
    Set Armor
    Set Dodge
    Set Hack
    Set PSI
    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Mobility
    Unlimited Aim
    Unlimited Will
    Unlimited Armor
    Unlimited Dodge
    Unlimited Hack
    Unlimited PSI

    Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of the trainer, let’s get acquainted with XCOM 2. This turn-based strategy game, developed by Firaxis Games, puts you in the shoes of a commander leading a ragtag group of resistance fighters against an alien occupation of Earth. Your mission? To fight back, reclaim the planet, and save humanity from the extraterrestrial threat.

    Key Features of XCOM 2:

    • Engaging Turn-Based Combat: XCOM 2 offers challenging tactical battles where every decision counts.
    • Base Building: Manage your underground base to gather resources, research new technologies, and recruit soldiers.
    • Dynamic Campaign: The game’s storyline evolves based on your choices, making each playthrough unique.
    • Customization: Customize your soldiers, weapons, and equipment to suit your playstyle.

    How Can XCOM 2 Trainer v4.15 Trainer Help You?

    Now that you’re familiar with the game, let’s talk about how the XCOM 2 Trainer v4.15 Trainer can enhance your gaming experience.

    1. Unlimited Resources

    In the fight against the alien invaders, resources are crucial. With this trainer, you can get an unlimited supply of resources, allowing you to build and upgrade your base, research new tech, and gear up your squad without worrying about shortages.

    2. God Mode

    Tired of losing your beloved soldiers to alien attacks? Activate the God Mode feature and make your soldiers virtually invincible. No more heart-wrenching moments when your best soldiers fall in battle.

    3. Instant Research

    Researching new technologies takes time, but with the trainer, you can speed up the process. Unlock advanced weaponry and armor faster to gain the upper hand in combat.

    4. Super Soldiers

    Enhance your soldiers’ abilities with a variety of cheats. Give them unlimited health, action points, or even the power to one-shot enemies. Watch as your squad becomes an unstoppable force.

    5. Infinite Turns

    Never worry about the enemy getting the drop on you. With the trainer, you can extend your turns, allowing for more strategic planning and ensuring victory.

    6. Stealth Mode

    Want to sneak past enemies undetected? Activate the Stealth Mode feature to become a silent, deadly shadow on the battlefield.

    7. Super Accuracy

    Never miss a shot again. Increase your soldiers’ accuracy to 100% and eliminate the alien threat with pinpoint precision.


    XCOM 2 Trainer v4.15 Trainer is your ticket to mastering XCOM 2. With its array of features, you can tailor your gaming experience to suit your preferences, whether that means an easier ride or a more challenging one. So, gear up, commander, and take back Earth from the alien invaders!


    Q1: Is using a trainer considered cheating in XCOM 2? A1: Trainers are typically used in single-player modes and don’t affect other players. They enhance your gaming experience but may be considered cheating in a competitive setting.

    Q2: Is XCOM 2 Trainer v4.15 Trainer safe to use? A2: The safety of trainers can vary, so always download from reputable sources. Be cautious of malware or viruses when downloading any game-related files.

    Q3: Can I use the trainer in multiplayer mode? A3: Trainers are usually designed for single-player experiences and may not work in multiplayer modes. Attempting to use them in multiplayer can result in issues or bans.

    Q4: Does using the trainer affect my achievements in the game? A4: In most cases, using a trainer will disable achievements. If you want to earn achievements, play the game without cheats.

    Name: XCOM 2

    DL Link: XCOM_2_Trainer.exe

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