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Home » Total War Saga: TROY Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

Total War Saga: TROY Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

    Total War Saga: TROY Trainer (13 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Morale
    Unlimited Movement


    Unlimited Ammo


    Fast Build
    Set Game Speed


    Unlimited Food
    Unlimited Wood
    Unlimited Stone
    Unlimited Bronze
    Unlimited Gold
    Unlimited Population Surplus
    Unlimited Hero Skill Points

    When it comes to one of the most epic strategy games available, “Total War Saga: TROY” undoubtedly takes the crown. But have you ever considered amplifying that experience using the Total War Saga: TROY Trainer? If you’re intrigued, keep reading!

    What is “Total War Saga: TROY”?

    First things first, let’s dive into the essence of this game. “Total War Saga: TROY” is a magnificent blend of myth and reality. Set in the Bronze Age, it brings to life the legendary Trojan War. As a player, you’re tasked with commanding vast armies, maneuvering intricate strategies, and embarking on a journey that threads the line between history and legend.

    Did you know? The game draws inspiration from both the Iliad and real ancient events, providing players with a unique and immersive experience.

    The Role of the TROY Trainer

    Imagine playing the game with a secret weapon that can tweak gameplay elements to suit your needs. That’s precisely what the Total War Saga: TROY Trainer is for!

    Boosting Your Strategy

    One of the key aspects trainers offer is helping to refine your strategy. Whether you’re a newbie finding your footing in the world of Troy or a seasoned strategist looking to experiment, this tool can provide some handy assists.

    Customizing Gameplay

    Want more resources? Need infinite health for your troops? The trainer allows you to customize specific elements, ensuring you get the kind of gameplay experience you desire.

    Experimenting Without Constraints

    Using a trainer is like having a sandbox mode. Test new tactics, play around with different units, or simply explore the world without the regular constraints.

    Features of the Trainer

    It’s not just about cheats; it’s about enhancing gameplay. Let’s delve into what the trainer offers:

    1. Infinite Resources: Never run out of essentials.
    2. God Mode for Troops: Make your army invincible.
    3. Speed Manipulation: Fast forward or rewind game time.
    4. Unit Modifiers: Adjust unit sizes or capabilities as needed.
    5. Instant Research & Construction: No more waiting around.
    6. And more! The possibilities are vast.


    The “Total War Saga: TROY Trainer” isn’t just a cheat tool – it’s a way to fully explore and enjoy the game from a new perspective. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills, test new strategies, or just have a bit of fun, this trainer can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.


    1. Can I use the trainer for both campaign and battle modes? Absolutely! The trainer is versatile, allowing tweaks for both campaign strategy and intense battles.

    2. Will using the trainer affect my game progress? While the trainer modifies gameplay, it doesn’t tamper with saved game data. Your progress remains intact.

    3. Is the trainer compatible with game updates? Generally, trainers need to be updated when a game releases new patches. Always ensure your trainer version matches your game version.

    Name: Total War Saga: TROY

    DL Link: Total_War_Saga_TROY_Trainer.exe

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