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This War of Mine Trainer v4.2

    This War of Mine Trainer (8 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health


    One-Hit Kills


    Freeze Day Time
    Freeze Night Time
    Set Game Speed


    Max Backpack Size
    Unlimited Tools Durability
    Instant Crafting

    A Different Perspective on War

    This War of Mine is unique because it offers a perspective not commonly explored in other games: that of a civilian. The game throws players into a besieged city where food and medicine are scarce, and danger lurks at every corner.

    Game Mechanics and Features

    • Day and Night Cycle: During the day, snipers prevent you from leaving your refuge, forcing you to focus on maintaining your hideout. At night, you get the chance to scavenge nearby locations for valuable resources.
    • Decisions Matter: Every decision you make affects the outcome of the story and the well-being of your characters. Some decisions will be morally challenging, making players question their ethics.
    • Crafting and Managing Resources: As you gather resources, you can craft tools, alcohol, beds, stoves, and other essentials. Managing these resources is key to survival.

    How the Trainer Can Help

    Now, while the game is beautifully crafted, it can also be unforgiving. That’s where the This War of Mine Trainer comes into play.

    Make Survival a Bit Easier

    Sometimes, the weight of the game can be a lot to bear. The trainer can help ease some of these burdens, letting players enjoy the narrative more and worry less about the challenging aspects.

    Features of the Trainer

    • Unlimited Resources: Imagine not having to worry about running out of wood, food, or medicine. The trainer can provide players with unlimited resources, making the game less about survival and more about the story.
    • Speed Up Time: Some days in the game can feel long, especially if you’re waiting for something specific. With the trainer, you can speed up time and get to the more exciting parts faster.
    • Character Boosts: Enhance the abilities of your characters. Whether it’s making them run faster or ensuring they don’t get sick, the trainer has got you covered.


    This War of Mine offers a compelling, emotional journey that showcases the often overlooked perspective of civilians in war. While the challenges presented in the game make it gripping, they can also be daunting. The This War of Mine Trainer provides an alternative way to experience the story, easing some of the more challenging aspects for those who wish it.


    • Is using the trainer considered cheating?
      • That’s subjective. Some purists believe in playing games as they were designed. Others feel that single-player games are a personal experience, and how one chooses to enjoy them is up to the individual.
    • Will using the trainer affect game updates or DLCs?
      • Generally, trainers are designed to work with specific game versions. If the game updates, the trainer might need to be updated too. Always ensure you’re using a version compatible with your game.
    • Can I toggle the trainer features on and off?
      • Yes! Most trainers, including the This War of Mine Trainer, allow users to toggle features, so you can choose when to use them.

    Name: This War of Mine

    DL Link: This_War_of_Mine_Trainer.exe

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    This War of Mine Trainer v4.2

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