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The Forest Trainer v1.5 and Cheats

    The Forest Trainer (15 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Energy
    Never Hungry
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Battery Charge
    No Thirst
    Stable Body Temp
    Super Stealth
    Always Warm
    Super Running Speed


    Super Items Limit
    Unlimited Items


    Unlimited Chainsaw Fuel


    One-Hit Kills


    Easy Construction

    For the uninitiated, The Forest is a survival horror game set on a remote, heavily forested peninsula. Following a plane crash, you play as a lone survivor searching for your kidnapped son. But there’s a twist: the island is inhabited by cannibalistic mutants. As you play, you’ll need to gather resources, build shelter, and fend off increasingly aggressive enemies.

    Why Would You Need The Forest Trainer?

    Sometimes, you might want to focus on building your base, exploring the storyline, or simply enjoying the breathtaking graphics without being interrupted by mutants. The Forest Trainer can be your best friend in such times, offering various features to make the game a tad bit easier or just different.

    Features of The Forest Trainer

    1. Unlimited Health: Imagine being invincible in a world full of cannibals. No more fearing the dark or the unknown. Explore every nook and cranny without the fear of dying.
    2. Easy Crafting: With easy crafting, you can create weapons, tools, or shelters without gathering all the necessary materials. A real-time saver when you just want to build.
    3. No Hunger or Thirst: Survival becomes a breeze when you’re never hungry or thirsty. Focus on other elements of the game without the constant need to find food or water.
    4. Super Speed: Traverse the vast forested landscape in a jiffy. Whether it’s escaping enemies or just exploring, super speed has got you covered.
    5. Freeze Enemies: Sometimes, you might just want a break from the constant threat of mutants. Freeze them in their tracks and roam freely.


    The Forest offers an enthralling gaming experience. With its rich storyline, challenging survival elements, and the ever-looming threat of cannibals, it’s a game that can keep players engaged for hours on end. However, with the help of The Forest Trainer, players can tailor their experience, making it as challenging or relaxed as they like. So, whether you’re a newbie wanting some assistance or a veteran looking for a different way to play, the trainer has something for everyone.


    1. What is The Forest Trainer?
      • It’s a tool that introduces modifications to the game, allowing players to activate certain features like unlimited health, easy crafting, and more.
    2. Does using the trainer modify my game permanently?
      • No. The Forest Trainer provides temporary modifications. Once you turn off the trainer, your game goes back to its original state.
    3. Is it okay to use the trainer if I’m new to the game?
      • Absolutely! If you feel certain elements are too challenging, the trainer can help you ease into the game. However, remember that the original challenges are what make the game intriguing for many players.

    Name: The Forest

    DL Link: The_Forest_Trainer.exe

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    The Forest Trainer v1.5 and Cheats

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