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Stranded Deep Trainer v4.7

    Stranded Deep Trainer (19 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Calories
    Unlimited Fluids
    No Sleep
    Unlimited Fibers
    Unlimited Fats
    Unlimited Proteins
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Oxygen
    Stable Body Temperature


    Indestructible Items


    Easy Crafting


    Fly Mode
    Set Walk Speed
    Set Run Speed
    Set Swim Water Surface Speed
    Set Swim Under Water Speed
    Set Jump Height

    Stranded Deep is an exciting survival game where players find themselves stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash. Armed with nothing but their wits and the debris scattered around, players must navigate the challenges of a desolate environment, battling thirst, hunger, and the unpredictable weather.

    You’ll find yourself crafting tools, building shelters, and hunting for food. Every day is a battle, and every night is a test of your survival instincts.

    What Exactly is a Trainer?

    In the world of gaming, trainers are tools that modify a game to enhance or ease gameplay. For Stranded Deep, the trainer offers a range of features that can tailor the game to your preferences.

    Features of Stranded Deep Trainer

    • Unlimited Health: Tired of being on the brink of death? This feature keeps your health at its peak, ensuring you remain resilient against the challenges of the island.
    • Infinite Breath: Dive deeper and stay underwater without the fear of drowning.
    • Easy Crafting: Crafting can be a breeze with this feature. Say goodbye to the tedious hunt for resources.
    • Super Speed: Navigate the vast terrains at a pace like never before.
    • Disable Shark Attack: Love exploring without the fear of a surprise attack? This feature’s for you.
    • No Thirst or Hunger: Focus on exploration without the constant worry of dehydration or starvation.

    How Can the Trainer Help?

    Stranded Deep can be a challenging game. While many players love the adrenaline rush and the survival challenge, others might want a more relaxed experience. Whether you’re someone who’s looking for an easier way to navigate the game or simply want to experiment with different gameplay styles, the Stranded Deep Trainer offers a customized experience. Tailor your game to fit your mood and preference.


    Stranded Deep offers an immersive experience of survival and exploration. And with the Stranded Deep Trainer, players have an opportunity to personalize this experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, the trainer has something to offer for everyone.


    • H3: Is using the trainer considered cheating? Yes and no. While it does modify the game to make certain aspects easier, it’s all about how you want to experience the game. Some players use it for a more relaxed gameplay, while others prefer the original challenges.
    • H3: Can I switch off certain features of the trainer? Absolutely! The Stranded Deep Trainer is designed to be flexible. You can choose which features to activate and which ones to keep off, ensuring a gameplay that’s perfect for you.
    • H3: Will the trainer affect my game’s performance? No, the trainer is designed to optimize and enhance gameplay without affecting the overall performance.

    Name: Stranded Deep

    DL Link: Stranded_Deep_Trainer.exe

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    Stranded Deep Trainer v4.7

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