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Grounded Trainer v2.3 and Cheats

    Grounded Trainer (13 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Food
    No Thirst
    Unlimited Shield
    Unlimited Analyzer Charges
    Unlimited RS
    Unlimited Durability
    Unlimited Breath
    Super Movement Speed


    Easy Kills


    Easy Craft
    Easy Construction

    Grounded is the game that caught everyone by surprise. It takes the classic “honey, I shrunk the kids” concept and gives it a unique twist, throwing players into a backyard from the perspective of someone the size of an ant. Dangerous insects, treacherous terrain, and survival at its finest: that’s what Grounded is all about. And guess what can make this game even more enticing? The Grounded Trainer. But what’s the trainer all about, and how can it amplify your gaming experience? Let’s dive right in!

    What is Grounded?

    Grounded is an exciting survival game where you’re shrunk down to the size of an insect and forced to navigate the treacherous terrain of a suburban backyard. You’ll be up against towering spiders, relentless ants, and a host of other backyard critters as you gather resources, build shelters, and try to survive against the odds.

    Features of Grounded

    1. Immersive Backyard Environment

    Experience the world from an ant’s perspective. Every blade of grass is a towering tree, and a simple puddle is now a vast lake.

    2. Realistic Insect Behavior

    Ants will group together and scout for food, spiders will hunt their prey, and ladybugs will prove to be gentle giants in this miniature world.

    3. Co-op Gameplay

    You don’t have to brave the backyard alone. Team up with friends and strategize the best ways to survive together.

    Enter the Grounded Trainer

    The Grounded Trainer is not just another game add-on. It’s a tool that can change your Grounded gaming experience completely.

    Advantages of Using the Trainer

    1. Enhanced Game Mechanics

    The trainer can tweak in-game mechanics, making certain tasks easier or more challenging based on your preferences.

    2. Customized Experience

    Want to focus on building instead of battling spiders? Or maybe you wish the nights were just a tad bit longer? The trainer lets you customize these elements to suit your playstyle.

    3. Advanced Game Stats

    Get insights on your gameplay. From resources collected to the distance traveled, the trainer provides an in-depth analysis.

    4. Quick Save Features

    Stuck in a difficult spot? The quick save feature allows players to experiment with different strategies without risking progress.

    Features of the Grounded Trainer

    1. Infinite Health Option

    Never worry about those pesky bugs again. Turn on the infinite health feature, and you’re invincible.

    2. Unlimited Resources

    Building becomes a breeze when you have unlimited resources at your fingertips.

    3. No Hunger/Thirst Mode

    Focus solely on exploration and combat without the constraints of hunger or thirst.

    4. Speed Modification

    Adjust your walking or running speed as per your preference. Want to zip past danger or take a leisurely stroll? You decide!


    The Grounded Trainer truly brings a new dimension to the game, allowing players to tailor their experiences, bypass certain challenges, or just explore the world with fewer restrictions. While Grounded is undoubtedly a thrill on its own, the trainer amplifies that experience, making it an essential tool for any avid player.


    1. Is the Grounded Trainer officially supported by the game developers?

    No, the trainer is a third-party tool and isn’t officially supported by the game developers.

    2. Can I switch the trainer features on and off mid-game?

    Yes, one of the biggest advantages of the trainer is its flexibility. You can toggle its features as per your needs during gameplay.

    3. Will using the trainer impact my game’s performance?

    The Grounded Trainer is designed to seamlessly integrate with the game. Most users report no significant change in game performance when using the trainer.

    Name: Grounded

    DL Link: Grounded_Trainer.exe

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