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Home » Green Hell Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

Green Hell Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

    Green Hell Trainer (13 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Energy
    Unlimited Nutrition Fat
    Unlimited Nutrition Carbo
    Unlimited Nutrition Proteins
    Unlimited Oxygen
    No Thirst
    No Dirtiness
    Unlimited Sanity
    Super Speed


    Unlimited Items Durability


    Easy Construction

    Hello, dear gamer! If you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’re probably well-acquainted with the game “Green Hell.” If not, don’t sweat it. Before we dive into the magic that the Green Hell Trainer brings to the table, let’s set the stage with a brief overview of this captivating game.

    What is Green Hell?

    Green Hell is an intense survival game set in the uncharted regions of the Amazon rainforest. Picture this: Alone, with no food or equipment, you’ve got to figure out ways to stay alive, fend off wildlife, and solve the mystery of why you’re there. Engaging? Absolutely. Challenging? No doubt about it.

    Features of Green Hell

    • Realistic Survival Sim: The game demands keen attention to your well-being, from health, nutrition to your psychological state.
    • Unique Storyline: As you unravel the past, the story takes unexpected twists and turns.
    • Diverse Amazonian Ecosystem: Rich in wildlife, both helpful and threatening, it’s a world waiting to be explored.

    But, what if you’re struggling a bit too much? What if you need just a tad more control over the unpredictable rainforest? That’s where the Green Hell Trainer steps in.

    How Can the Green Hell Trainer Help?

    Simply put, the trainer is like your magic wand. With it, you get to tailor your gaming experience, making it as easy or challenging as you want. Want infinite health? Check. Need more resources? Done. The trainer empowers you with abilities to reshape your gameplay.

    Features of the Green Hell Trainer

    • Infinite Health: No more worrying about that snake bite or those pesky jungle illnesses.
    • Unlimited Stamina: Run, climb, jump, repeat! The rainforest can’t wear you down.
    • Instant Crafting: Build tools, weapons, or shelter in a jiffy.
    • Zero Weight: Carry all you want without any weight restrictions.

    Isn’t that something?


    The Green Hell Trainer is undeniably a game-changer, giving players a bespoke gaming experience. While Green Hell is a masterpiece on its own, the trainer adds that extra sprinkle of magic, turning frustrating moments into exhilarating ones.


    1. Is the Green Hell Trainer compatible with all game versions?
    Most trainers are updated regularly to be compatible with newer game versions. However, always check the trainer’s version before using it.

    2. Does the trainer alter game files permanently?
    No, the changes made using the trainer are temporary and specific to your current gameplay.

    3. Will using the trainer affect the storyline?
    The storyline remains unchanged. The trainer merely enhances your gameplay experience.

    Name: Green Hell

    DL Link: Green_Hell_Trainer.exe

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    Green Hell Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

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