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Deep Rock Galactic Trainer v2.15

    Deep Rock Galactic Trainer (27 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unbreakable Shield
    Unlimited Flares
    Super Speed
    Instant Drilldozer Refuel
    No Drilldozer Damage
    Instant Ability Cooldown
    Unlimited Abilities Count
    Unlimited Jumps


    One-Hit Kills


    Fly Mode
    Fly Up
    Fly Down


    Unlimited Resources
    Unlimited Credits
    Set Scrip
    Add 10 Scrip


    Mega Class XP
    Season XP Multiplier
    Add 5K Season Exp
    Unlimited Perk Points


    Unlimited Ammo
    Unlimited Grenades
    Unlimited Support Tool Usage
    No Reload
    No Recoil
    No Overheat

    If you’re a fan of Deep Rock Galactic, you’re in for a treat. The Deep Rock Galactic Trainer is your gateway to an enhanced gaming experience. In this article, we’ll explore what makes this trainer special and how it can elevate your gameplay.

    What is Deep Rock Galactic?

    Deep Rock Galactic is a popular cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Ghost Ship Games. The game thrusts players into the depths of uncharted space, where they become proud members of the Dwarven mining corporation, working together to dig, explore, and fight for survival.

    Key Features of Deep Rock Galactic

    Before we delve into the trainer, let’s quickly recap some of the fantastic features that make Deep Rock Galactic a standout title:

    • Cooperative Gameplay: Team up with friends or other players to tackle procedurally generated caves filled with dangers.
    • Diverse Character Classes: Choose from various unique character classes, each with its own set of tools and abilities.
    • Endless Exploration: Discover new environments, mine valuable resources, and confront a myriad of creatures.
    • Customization: Customize your dwarf with various equipment, from flamethrowers to grappling hooks.
    • Challenging Missions: Complete diverse missions that require strategy and cooperation.

    How Can the Deep Rock Galactic Trainer Help?

    The Deep Rock Galactic Trainer serves as a game-enhancing tool designed to enhance your overall gaming experience. Here’s how it can help:

    • Infinite Resources: Tired of running low on ammo or other resources? The trainer provides you with an endless supply, so you can focus on exploring without worry.
    • Unlocking Abilities: Want to try out all the cool character abilities? With the trainer, you can unlock and experiment with different abilities easily.
    • Enhanced Gameplay: This trainer can give you an edge by boosting your speed, making you more resilient, or even allowing you to have a more accurate aim.
    • Exploration Without Boundaries: Don’t worry about falling into the abyss. The trainer can let you move freely, making exploration more accessible and exciting.
    • No-Friendly Fire: Say goodbye to accidentally harming your fellow dwarves. The trainer can help you play without the worry of hurting your teammates.

    Various Features of the Deep Rock Galactic Trainer

    The Deep Rock Galactic Trainer comes packed with several features designed to enhance your gaming experience:

    • Infinite Health: You won’t need to fear the hazards of the deep caves when you’re invincible.
    • Ammo Unlimited: Never run out of bullets again and keep firing at will.
    • Instant Kills: Take down enemies with ease, turning every encounter into a breeze.
    • Super Speed: Move like a lightning-fast dwarf, outmaneuvering anything that stands in your way.
    • Fly Mode: Navigate tricky terrain effortlessly with this gravity-defying feature.
    • No Recoil: Your shots will always be on target with no recoil to contend with.
    • Invisibility: Sneak past enemies and complete missions stealthily with this nifty option.


    In the world of Deep Rock Galactic, the Deep Rock Galactic Trainer is your ticket to a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience. It provides you with a range of features that can make the game less challenging or more thrilling, depending on your preference. Remember to use trainers responsibly, ensuring they enhance your gameplay without disrupting the experience for others.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. Is using a trainer in Deep Rock Galactic considered cheating?

    Using a trainer can be seen as altering the game’s intended difficulty. It’s essential to use trainers in a way that doesn’t disrupt the experience for others, especially in cooperative gameplay.

    2. Are trainers safe to use?

    When downloaded from reputable sources, trainers are generally safe to use. Be cautious about downloading files from untrustworthy websites, as they may contain harmful software.

    3. Can I use the Deep Rock Galactic Trainer in multiplayer games?

    It’s important to note that some games have strict anti-cheat measures in place for multiplayer modes. Using a trainer in multiplayer may lead to consequences, so it’s best used in single-player or cooperative modes.

    Name: Deep Rock Galactic

    DL Link: Deep_Rock_Galactic_Trainer.exe

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