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Home » Dawn of Man Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

Dawn of Man Trainer (13 Cheats) for PC

    Dawn of Man Trainer (13 Cheats)


    Unlimited Hydration
    Unlimited Nutrition
    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Temperature
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Rest
    Unlimited Morale
    Unlimited Knowledge
    Unlimited Bank Resources
    Unlimited Selected Mineables
    Unlimited Houses Condition
    Free Trade
    Easy Construction

    Dawn of Man is more than just a city-building game. It paints a vivid picture of our ancestors’ lives, battling the odds, ensuring survival, and laying the foundation of modern civilization. With immersive graphics and challenging gameplay, players are thrown into a world where every decision affects the tribe’s future.

    Why the Buzz around the Trainer?

    Now, if you’re wondering, “Why do I need a Dawn of Man Trainer?”, the answer is simple. It enhances your gameplay, making certain challenges more manageable and allowing you to focus on aspects of the game you love the most.

    Key Features of Dawn of Man Trainer

    1. Resource Management

    Resources are the lifeline of your prehistoric tribe. With the trainer, you can keep an eye on your resources, ensuring your tribe never goes hungry or lacks the tools they need.

    2. Faster Skill Acquisition

    Mastering skills is crucial for survival. The trainer can help speed up this process, allowing tribe members to learn and evolve more quickly than ever.

    3. Advanced Game Controls

    Sometimes, the default game controls can be a tad restrictive. This trainer offers enhanced game controls, allowing for a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience.

    4. Instant Building and Crafting

    Why wait for a building to finish when you can have it instantly? The trainer’s instant building feature ensures that you can expand your tribe and defend against threats in record time.

    5. Enhanced Tribe Health

    Keeping your tribe healthy is paramount. With the trainer’s health optimization, your tribe can withstand challenges and threats better, ensuring longevity.


    The Dawn of Man Trainer is, without doubt, a game-changer. It not only makes gameplay more engaging but also offers features that ensure your tribe’s success in the prehistoric world. If you’re a fan of the game, this trainer might just be the tool you need to take your gameplay to the next level.


    1. Does the Dawn of Man Trainer affect the game’s core mechanics?

    No, it enhances the gameplay experience without altering the game’s core mechanics.

    2. Is using the trainer considered cheating?

    Using a trainer can be seen as an assistive tool, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for some players. It’s all about personal preference.

    3. Does the trainer work with all versions of the game?

    Trainers are typically designed for specific game versions. It’s always a good idea to check compatibility before using any trainer

    Name: Dawn of Man

    DL Link: Dawn_of_Man_Trainer.exe

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