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Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer Cheats (18) Download

    Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer (18 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Stamina
    Max Humanity
    Unlimited Durability
    Unlimited Spells
    Max Item Discovery


    One-Hit Kills


    Unlimited Items
    Unlimited Weight


    Add 5K Souls
    Add Vitality
    Add Attunement
    Add Endurance
    Add Strength
    Add Dexterity
    Add Resistance
    Add Intelligence
    Add Faith

    Dark Souls, the iconic and challenging action role-playing game, took the world by storm when it was released. Its gripping storyline, intense combat, and often unforgiving difficulty made it a favorite among hardcore gamers. Fast forward a few years, and fans got a revamped version in the form of “Dark Souls: Remastered”. For players looking to experience this masterpiece with a slight edge, the Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer is here to help.

    Overview of Dark Souls: Remastered

    Dark Souls: Remastered isn’t just the same game with polished graphics. It’s a complete overhaul, providing players with an enhanced experience.

    • Graphical Updates: One of the most evident changes. The game looks more beautiful, with sharper textures and advanced lighting.
    • Improved Gameplay: With revamped mechanics, players experience smoother combat and movement.
    • Dedicated Servers: Online gameplay is now smoother than ever with dedicated servers for better multiplayer battles.

    Why Use the Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer?

    Every player’s experience with Dark Souls varies. Some love the challenge and thrill, while others want to experience the rich lore and story without getting stuck at challenging bosses or areas. That’s where the trainer comes into play.

    Personalized Gameplay

    With the Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer, players can tailor their gaming experience to their preference. Want to breeze through certain areas or find a particular boss too hard? The trainer has got you covered.

    Exploring Different Aspects

    Dark Souls is rich in lore, hidden areas, and intricate details. The trainer allows players to explore these aspects without the constant fear of dying.

    Features of the Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer

    Note: While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these are some key features that can enhance your gameplay.

    • Unlimited Health: No more fear of dying from powerful bosses or traps.
    • Unlimited Stamina: Run, dodge, and attack without getting tired.
    • Easy Kills: Take down enemies with ease, focusing more on exploration.
    • Items Galore: Get access to unlimited items, ensuring you’re always prepared.


    Dark Souls: Remastered is a masterpiece, offering players a chance to relive the magic of the original game but with enhanced features. The Dark Souls: Remastered Trainer, while not for everyone, provides an opportunity for players to experience the game in a different light. Whether you’re a veteran wanting a relaxed playthrough or a newbie wishing to dive into the lore without the punishing difficulty, the trainer is an excellent tool to have.


    1. Does the trainer alter the core game experience?
    While the trainer provides various advantages, the essence of Dark Souls remains intact. It’s just a different way to experience it.

    2. Is the trainer suitable for first-time players?
    Absolutely! If you’re diving into the Dark Souls universe for the first time and find certain aspects too challenging, the trainer can help ease you into the game.

    3. Does using the trainer mean I’ll miss out on the game’s content?
    Not at all. The trainer simply gives you an edge. All the storylines, areas, and characters remain the same. You decide how to use the trainer to your advantage.

    Name: Dark Souls: Remastered

    DL Link: Dark_Souls_Remastered_Trainer.exe

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