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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Trainer v3.18 Cheats for PC

    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Trainer (36 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Stamina
    Unlimited Items
    Unlimited Torch
    Unlimited Shops Items
    Unlimited Weight
    Unlimited Spells
    One-Hit Kills




    Selected Item Quantity
    Items Editor Weapon 1
    Items Editor Weapon 2
    Items Editor Armour 1
    Items Editor Armour 2
    Items Editor Armour 3
    Items Editor Magic
    Items Editor Rings
    Items Editor Keys
    Items Editor Consumables
    Items Editor Non-Boss Souls
    Items Editor Arrows and Bolts
    Items Editor Shards and Stones
    Items Editor Summon Stones
    Items Editor GESTURES
    Items Editor Boss Souls
    Reset Last Edited Item

    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is a legendary action RPG, renowned for its challenging gameplay, intricate world-building, and engaging storyline. Set in the mysterious land of Drangleic, players embark on a journey to reclaim lost souls, battling a myriad of formidable foes along the way.

    Why You Might Want a Trainer

    Every so often, you might want a little boost or a different way to experience your favorite games. Here’s where the Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Trainer steps in. It’s like having a magical companion by your side, giving you special abilities to tweak and modify your gameplay.

    Understanding the Game’s Challenges

    Dark Souls II is renowned for its difficulty. Whether it’s a particularly tough boss or a tricky level, sometimes even seasoned players can feel overwhelmed.

    Making The Game Your Own

    With the trainer, you’re in control. Want to experiment with new tactics or just breeze through a section to enjoy the narrative? The power is yours.

    Features of the Trainer

    Infinite Health and Stamina

    Say goodbye to those sudden deaths that caught you off-guard. With infinite health and stamina, traverse the lands of Drangleic with newfound confidence.

    Easy Kill

    Ever wanted to feel like the most powerful warrior in the realm? The easy kill feature ensures your enemies fall with a single blow.

    Unlimited Items

    Tired of running out of essential items in the heat of battle? The trainer ensures you’re always well-stocked.

    Modify Player Stats

    Craft your character just the way you want. Enhance strength, dexterity, or any other attribute to match your playstyle.

    No Equipment Load

    Imagine wielding the heaviest armor and weapons without any slowdown. This feature ensures you’re agile, no matter your gear.


    The Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Trainer is an incredible tool for gamers who want a fresh and customizable experience. Whether you’re looking for a slight edge or a completely revamped gaming session, the trainer has got you covered.


    1. Does using the trainer take away from the core experience of Dark Souls II?

    Not necessarily. It all boils down to how you want to play. Some gamers use the trainer to experiment, while others rely on it after they’ve completed the game traditionally.

    2. Is the trainer difficult to use?

    It’s designed with user-friendliness in mind. Even if you’re new to such tools, you’ll find it straightforward.

    3. Can I toggle the trainer’s features on and off?

    Absolutely! The power is in your hands. Use as many or as few features as you like.

    Name: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

    DL Link: Dark_Souls_II_Scholar_of_the_First_Sin_Trainer.exe

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