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Crusader Kings III Trainer v4.7 Cheats for PC

    Crusader Kings III Trainer (17 Cheats)


    Set Money
    Set Prestige
    Set Piety
    Set Renown
    Set Dread
    Set Diplomacy
    Set Martial
    Set Stewardship
    Set Intrigue
    Set Learning
    Set Prowess
    Set King Age
    Instant Construction
    Instant Movement
    Max County Control
    Freeze Time
    Enable Console

    Crusader Kings III, often abbreviated as CK3, is a grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages. Developed by Paradox Interactive, it allows players to control a lineage of rulers from the Viking Age up to the fall of Byzantium. But what if I told you that there’s a way to make your gameplay experience even more fascinating? Enter the Crusader Kings III Trainer. Let’s dive deep into what this trainer is all about!

    What is Crusader Kings III?

    Crusader Kings III is not just any game. It’s a journey. A journey where you:

    • Craft Your Dynasty: Whether you start as a lowly count or a mighty emperor, every decision you make shapes the future of your dynasty. Marry for love or power, appoint loyal vassals, and watch out for those traitorous siblings!
    • Engage in Political Intrigue: Assassinations, alliances, and marriages – the political landscape of the medieval world is both complex and treacherous.
    • Lead Armies into Battle: Whether defending your kingdom or launching a crusade, warfare plays a significant role in CK3.

    How Can the Crusader Kings III Trainer Help?

    You might be thinking, “Why would I need a trainer for CK3?” Well, the answer is simple: to maximize your fun!

    Boost Your Resources

    With the Crusader Kings III Trainer, you can quickly boost your resources. Tired of waiting to accumulate enough gold or prestige? The trainer has got you covered!

    Modify Character Stats

    Ever wished your ruler was a little smarter or more charming? With the trainer, you can easily tweak character stats to mold your perfect leader.

    Fast-Track Research

    Why wait decades for a new technology when you can have it now? Speed up your research and get ahead of your rivals.

    Control Time

    Sometimes, you just need things to move a bit faster, or maybe you need a moment to think. With the trainer, you can adjust the game speed to your liking.

    Other Features of the Trainer

    1. Instant Building: No more waiting for constructions to finish.
    2. Unlimited Movement: Move your troops as far and as often as you’d like.
    3. Diplomacy Modifiers: Make friends (or enemies) faster than ever!


    The Crusader Kings III Trainer is a fantastic tool for both newbies and veteran players. While CK3 offers an in-depth and immersive experience, the trainer provides a way to customize the game to your liking, ensuring every session is fresh and exciting.


    Q: Is the Crusader Kings III Trainer cheating?

    A: It’s a way to modify the game to fit individual preferences. Some might consider it cheating, while others see it as a way to enhance their gameplay experience.

    Q: Can I use the trainer in multiplayer mode?

    A: Generally, trainers are designed for single-player experiences. Using it in multiplayer might give an unfair advantage.

    Q: Will the game updates affect the trainer?

    A: Sometimes. Game updates might cause compatibility issues with trainers, but most trainers get updated regularly to stay compatible.

    Name: Crusader Kings III

    DL Link: Crusader_Kings_III_Trainer.exe

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