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ASTRONEER Trainer (5 Cheats) for PC

    ASTRONEER Trainer (5 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Suit Energy
    Unlimited Suit Oxygen


    Unlimited Bytes


    Easy Suit Craft

    If you’ve ever dabbled in the realm of space exploration and sandbox adventure, you’ve likely stumbled upon ASTRONEER. For those diving into this game for the first time or seasoned astronauts aiming for a more refined experience, the ASTRONEER Trainer can be your best buddy. Let’s take a closer look!

    What is ASTRONEER?

    ASTRONEER is a game where players find themselves exploring outer space, terraforming planets, and extracting valuable resources. Set against a backdrop of colorful and otherworldly landscapes, you can:

    • Explore vast planets.
    • Build bases and structures.
    • Uncover hidden mysteries.
    • Collaborate with friends in multiplayer.

    However, while the journey can be mesmerizing, it can also pose its set of challenges. That’s where the ASTRONEER Trainer steps in!

    Why Use the ASTRONEER Trainer?

    Enhanced Gameplay

    Using the Trainer can give you an edge by tailoring gameplay to your preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the difficulty or enhancing certain features, the Trainer offers a customizable experience.

    Learning Curve

    For newcomers, ASTRONEER might seem overwhelming. The Trainer can help in understanding game mechanics by providing instant feedback and assistance.


    Experiment without repercussions! Want to see how a particular structure works or explore a region without the risk? The Trainer allows you to do so.

    Features of the Trainer

    Unlimited Resources

    No more tedious mining! With the Trainer, you can have unlimited resources, making base-building and exploration a breeze.

    God Mode

    Adventuring can be treacherous. With God Mode, ensure your astronaut remains unharmed while facing the challenges of space.

    Easy Crafting

    Remove the complexities of crafting. Instantly craft without waiting or gathering countless resources.

    Instant Research

    Delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe without the wait. Unlock research instantly and expand your horizons.

    Speed Multiplier

    Traverse the vast landscapes faster than ever. Adjust your speed to suit your exploration needs.


    The ASTRONEER Trainer offers a way to refine and enhance your gaming experience. While the game itself is a masterpiece of exploration and creativity, the Trainer provides a tailored approach for those looking to tweak their journey. Dive in, experiment, and let the cosmos be your playground!


    1. Does the Trainer alter the game permanently?

    No, the Trainer only affects your current gameplay. Once turned off, the game reverts to its standard mode.

    2. Can I use the Trainer in multiplayer mode?

    It’s best to check the Trainer’s guidelines. However, most trainers are designed for single-player modes to ensure fair play.

    3. Will the game updates affect the Trainer’s functionality?

    Game updates can sometimes render a Trainer incompatible. However, most Trainer developers regularly update their software to match game updates.


    DL Link: ASTRONEER_Trainer.exe

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