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ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer v3.13 Cheats for PC

    ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer (17 Cheats)


    Unlimited Health
    Unlimited Stamina
    No Torpor
    Unlimited Oxygen
    Unlimited Food
    Unlimited Water
    Unlimited Engram Points
    Unlimited Durability
    Mega Exp


    Unlimited Weight
    Unlimited Items


    One-Hit Kills


    Easy Craft
    Set Movement Speed
    Set Swimming Speed
    Set Jump Height


    Set Gravity

    ARK: Survival Evolved is more than just a game; it’s an experience. Imagine yourself stranded on a mysterious island filled with wild creatures. Some you can tame and ride, while others are best observed from a safe distance. You craft, build, and survive, all while unveiling the deeper mysteries of the ARK.

    Features of ARK: Survival Evolved

    • Dynamic Gameplay: From taming dinosaurs to crafting tools and building shelters, the gameplay is diverse and engaging.
    • Expansive World: Explore a vast landscape filled with different terrains and environments.
    • Multiplayer Adventures: Team up with friends or compete against rivals.
    • Mysteries Await: Discover hidden secrets, rare creatures, and even ancient technologies.

    What is the ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer?

    The ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer is like your in-game best friend. It provides certain enhancements and tools that can make your gameplay more enjoyable and less challenging. If you’ve ever been stuck or wanted a bit of a boost, this trainer is there to help.

    Features of the Trainer

    Enhanced Resources

    While scavenging for resources is fun, sometimes you just need a bit more. The trainer provides additional resources or makes them more accessible, allowing you to focus on other gameplay aspects.

    Improved Stamina and Health

    Ever been in a tight spot with a dino chasing you? The trainer can ensure you have the stamina to run and the health to take a hit, ensuring your survival in sticky situations.

    Taming Boost

    Dinosaurs are fascinating, and while taming them is part of the adventure, the trainer can speed up the process, letting you tame even the mightiest of beasts faster.

    Customized Settings

    Tweak your gameplay as you see fit. Want the nights to be shorter? Or perhaps make certain tasks less tedious? The trainer gives you the freedom to customize your ARK experience.


    The ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer is an incredible tool for any ARK enthusiast. It’s designed to enhance and tailor your experience, ensuring every moment in the game is enjoyable. Remember, it’s not about making the game easy, but about making it fun and personalized for you.


    1. Does the trainer alter the core game mechanics?

    No, the trainer provides enhancements but does not change the core mechanics of the game.

    2. Can I use the trainer in multiplayer mode?

    It depends on the server settings. Some multiplayer servers might restrict or ban the use of trainers.

    3. Is the trainer difficult to use?

    Not at all! It’s designed to be user-friendly. Just ensure you follow the guidelines and use it responsibly.

    4. Will using the trainer ruin the game’s experience?

    It’s all about personal preference. Some players enjoy the additional advantages, while others prefer the raw, untouched experience.

    Name: ARK: Survival Evolved

    DL Link: ARK_Survival_Evolved_Trainer.exe

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    ARK: Survival Evolved Trainer v3.13 Cheats for PC

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