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American Truck Simulator Trainer Cheats (11) Download

    American Truck Simulator Trainer (11 Cheats)


    Unlimited Fuel
    Add 10K Money


    Freeze Time
    Time of Day
    Set Time
    +1 Hour
    -1 Hour


    No Damage
    No Fatigue


    Max Level
    Unlimited Skill Points

    Hello there, fellow truck enthusiasts! If you’ve been driving around the scenic routes of American Truck Simulator (ATS) and find yourself wishing for a little something extra, then boy, do I have a treat for you! Let’s talk about the American Truck Simulator Trainer and discover how it can take your gaming experience to new heights.

    A Quick Intro to American Truck Simulator

    For the uninitiated, American Truck Simulator is a captivating game that lets players dive deep into the world of long-haul trucking in the US. Picture this: endless highways, the setting sun painting the horizon, and the feel of the road under your big rig. Sounds great, right?

    The Allure of the Open Road

    ATS is more than just a driving simulator. It lets players:

    • Discover various iconic locations in the US.
    • Manage their trucking business, making important decisions to grow their empire.
    • Customize trucks with numerous upgrades and tweaks.

    But let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little boost or a change of pace. And that’s where the American Truck Simulator Trainer comes in!

    How Can the Trainer Help?

    Ever felt the urge to tweak your gaming experience or gain a slight advantage to make things more entertaining? The American Truck Simulator Trainer is designed to offer players various enhancements and mods to achieve just that.

    Features of the Trainer

    • Infinite Fuel: Tired of those pit stops? Keep your truck running without refueling.
    • No Damage Mod: Drive carefree. Your truck remains unaffected, no matter the mishaps.
    • Instant Money: Need a financial boost? The trainer has your back.
    • Unlimited Trucking Points: Ace those deliveries and score maximum points effortlessly.
    • Speed Boost: Feel the thrill of speeding down the highways without the fear of getting a ticket.

    These are just a few features. The possibilities are almost endless, allowing you to curate an ATS experience tailor-made to your preferences.


    In essence, while American Truck Simulator already offers a rich, immersive trucking experience, the Trainer is that sprinkle of magic that can make your journeys even more memorable. Whether you’re a purist or someone who loves a good mod, there’s no denying the allure of the tweaks and enhancements that come with the Trainer.


    1. Is using the Trainer considered cheating?

    Well, it’s subjective. Some might consider it so, while others view it as a way to enhance the gaming experience. Play how you like and enjoy the game your way!

    2. Can I choose which features of the Trainer to activate?

    Absolutely! The Trainer is customizable, allowing you to pick and choose which mods or enhancements you’d like to activate.

    3. Will using the Trainer affect my game’s performance?

    The Trainer is designed to work seamlessly with ATS. However, as with any mod, it’s always a good idea to keep backups of your save files, just in case.

    Name: American Truck Simulator

    DL Link: American_Truck_Simulator_Trainer.exe

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    American Truck Simulator Trainer Cheats (11) Download

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